is a subscription sampling service for athletes, in particular cyclists and triathletes.

It’s run by a couple of’s writers and friends. At Bikerumor, we get to try tons of new stuff -gels, bars, creams, gear, components, lubes and other lotions and potions- that make the cycling experience better. We know many of you like trying new things, too, but don’t always have access to every little brand out there. Or, you’re hesitant to order a case of something you’ve never tried before.

That’s where Schwagbox comes in. Each month, we hand pick some of the best products we’ve tried (or some new ones that we’re eager to try), box ‘em up and ship ‘em straight to your door. Products are curated from new brands and established players and are picked because we like them, not because they’re paying us. This allows us the freedom to choose the most interesting products out there, giving you the best experience possible and introducing you to niche players that can’t always afford to saturate the ad spaces in magazines and websites, Bikerumor included.

We think this is the right way to do it, and we really think you’ll enjoy getting a goodie box each month full of schwag!

Sign up now and start getting the goods every month. Or, get on the mailing list to stay on top of SchwagBox happenings and get access to any deals our brand partners let us share with everyone!